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Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil

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What do you know about the very important Mineral Magnesium?

  • Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body, a necessary co-factor for hundreds of enzymes, and the most critical mineral of all for coping with stress. 
  • Well science now learned that the best way to take this important nutrient is trandermal and to top that off we have added the ORMUS Minerals and now you have a full spectrum supplement that you just rub onto your skin and see results in your health. 
  • The main difference in Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oiland Pure Magnesium is that the  Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oilhas all the know minerals (84) and all the known Ormus Minerals (12) in it to bring health and healing when you apply it. Where thePure Magnesium Oilhas 12 minerals with the main mineral being Magnesium. 

What Minerals Are In Pure Magnesium Oil?


Known Minerals in
Magnesium Oil (12) total

Magnesium Minerals




Not Detectable

  Magnesium Chloride

31.5 % 



 Sodium Chloride

.42 % 



  Potassium Chloride

.32 %



  Calcium  71.1  Cadmium


  Iron  05.14  Chromium


  Manganese  01.01  Cobalt


  Antimony  00.224  Lead


  Barium  00.209  Nickel


  Copper  00.1    Silver


  Molybdenum  00.161  Thallium


  Selenium  008.06  Vanadium


  Zinc  00.206   Mercury







Learn more in this 6 page PDF file on Magnesium Oil and your health. 

 Magnesium Oil and Health

  • Studies have been done to reveal the BEST way to increase magnesium at the cellular level is transdermally-- through the skin.
  • The best way for of this occur is with a foot soak.

Based on Dr. Shealy's clinical trials the BEST way to increase Magnesium at the cellular level is as follows:

  • #1  Intravenous- of course very few of us can or will opt for this one on a regular basis! 
  • #2  Foot soak - done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will significantly raise the Magnesium levels in the cells 
  • #3  Bathtub soaking - done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will raise the Magnesium levels in the cells 
  • #4 Topical - done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will raise the Magnesium levels in the cells 
  • #5  Oral - according to Dr Shealy, this method takes 1-3 YEARS to raise the Magnesium levels in the cells. There is real danger in taking oral magnesium (in any form) as it has laxative properties and STOPS THE MUSCLES IN THE COLON FROM WORKING resulting in long term dependence on laxatives! 


  • Using a plastic, glass, or ceramic container* that is large enough to comfortably soak both feet, add 2-4 ounces of Magnesium Oil and enough water cover the tops of your toes, soak 15-20 minutes and discard liquid after soaking.

  • Be sure the temperature of the water is comfortable - no microwaves please! Soak 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks to restore the magnesium level to the cells then 1-2 times a week as maintenance. Spray your body as desired paying attention to the bottoms of your feet and across your heart.

  • You will know if you need to increase the soaking frequency based on how you feel or if your symptoms start to return. (*Plastic dishpans available at most retailers that sell housewares work great!)


  • For general maintenance add 2-4 ounces of Magnesium Oil to a hot bath and soak 20-30 minutes. If your tub is too small to be totally submerged, soak in shifts ~ ROLL OVER!

  • For optimum results, and the least expensive route, we recommend the Magnesium Bath Crystals.


  • Mix a solution of 50% Magnesium Oil with 50% distilled water - or any comfortable dilution. Spray your entire body (remove contact lenses before spraying face). Apply before or after bathing! Let air dry for best results.

  • There is no need for additional washing or rinsing, however, once dried, the natural salts in the Magnesium Oil may be uncomfortable to some and rinsing this off is fine. This may be applied full strength but for those with sensitive skin the 50/50 dilution is recommended. Apply the Magnesium Oil to areas of concern several times a day and massage gently.

  • Customize your experience by adding essential oils ~ shake the bottle to mix the liquids before spraying!


Areas Helped with Magnesium Oil




(Human & Pet)

Achilles Tendon pain


Abrasions -- Pets

Braxton Hicks



Bronchial Spasms

Blood Pressure (lower)



Cholesterol lower


Exercise pain


Dry skin

Growing Pains

Diabetes II



Energy increased


Heart Palpitations

Eyelids - drooping

Hair & nails

Leg Cramps

Hyper Activity

Hygiene - used as deodorant

Menstrual issues


Large pores



Moles & Warts

Muscle cramps



Muscle repair








Skin Irritations


Swollen Eyes

Skin Tabs

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Teeth – whiter & less translucent

Spider Veins

Smashed Fingers



Sore Muscles



Tooth Infection


Magnesium for Muscle Spasms

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