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Ormus Minerals Orange Healing Ormus Oil  

Ormus Minerals -Orange Healing Ormus Oil

Essential Oil Product

Ormus Minerals --ORANGE Essential Oil Product


Ormus Minerals Healing Oils

  • We use Ormus Richgrape seed oil as our base which is known to be rich in ORMUS. Analytical testing has shown that grape seeds are loaded with ORMEs, particularly m-Rhodium  and m-Iridium.

    These oils go though a Ormus transfer process from known Ormus rich salts and is tranferred into the Ormus Rich Oil. The Essential Oils are then added to this base and the mixed oil is charged with earth energy to heighten the ORMUS energy to make a very high energetic Ormus healing oil.

    This infused energetic oil is high in ORMUS and energy to make a very special experience when used on your skin.
  • No chemicals are ever used in the making of our Ormus  Oils process!  Our Ormus Oils are created through a naturalprocess.

Healing Oils
Ormus Minerals ORANGE
Healing Ormus Oil

Healing Oils

Grape Seed Oil, Ormus Minerals from (9) Ormus Rich Salts, Orange Essential Oil





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