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Boil Solution at 212 degrees for 5 min 

Take ph to 12 dissolves m-state while leaving mgOH and Gilcrest in precipitate. 


1. Starting with clean wet precipitate, add lye to bring the pH up to 12.  The m-state precipitate will dissolve, but magnesium hydroxide and the Gilcrest precipitate will not. 

2. Filter out the precipitate. 

3. To the remaining liquid containing only m-state, add HCl or distilled white vinegar drop-by-drop until the pH reaches 10.78 

4. Wash the precipitate as described earlier. 

5. To be safe, check the pH of the precipitate slurry. It should be 9 or less before ingesting. 

It’s a handheld vacuum pump, available at the same lab supply as the Buchner funnel + flask. It helps to have a little chemistry background when doing this, although not necessary when you have someone like me around. 

You’re correct about the pH. I didn’t go through the entire method 4, only took it down to 10.68. Bouncing the pH around is not necessary for purification. 

Personally, I prefer the ORMUS gel because of all the fresh cooper pairs, but, If you prefer a powder, the gel dries almost instantly when smearing a thin layer on filter paper. If you dry it on towel paper, get it w/o chlorinated materials (for sensitive skin), so it doesn’t poison the ORMUS. Smear a thin layer all over, bake it at 200 degrees F for 20 minutes, and carefully funnel that into cobalt blue jar. Like colloidal silver, direct sunlight or bright light seems to diminish its effectiveness. 

Don Nance
After washing, I like to part the gold from the MgOH by raising the pH to 12 with the lye solution which "dissolves" the m-state and leaves the MgOH, so I just filter this, then the filtrate pH is lowered to 8.5 with HCl or vinegar to retrieve a congealed m-state. To this add lye solution back up to 10.78. Now wash several times to get a pH of 8 or 9.  That's my preferred method, but there are others. 

The simplest way is to take your filter dead sea water, bring pH up to 10.78, then drop it with HCl or vinegar to 9 and that will place the magnesium back into solution and leave you with gold m-state. 8.5 is really the product with least magnesium, but in that last .5 pH you will also lose a quantity of gold with the magnesium, so it's best to stop at 9. Wash 3 times to eliminate salt and you're ready to go. Dried is more powerful than wet. Watch for the plateau around 9.10. Go slow and have patience. Keep going to 9.0 

Q: How Long is the "Wet Process" going to take? 

Don: The actual precipitation step usually takes me about an hour once I begin stirring. You would want to go slower until you gain some experience. Then the wash steps take a minimum of 24 hours each if you want to have a good separation. Again the time a precipitation step takes depends largely upon your chosen starting source material. 

The wash steps are mostly to remove any water-soluble materials (like the excess salt and any unused hydroxides). These are gone after the first wash. This is explained in the book in the Chemistry chapter (Appendix XXII). 

Q: I have been asking about washing the precipitate after performing a "Wet Process". I wash mine very well however, I like a little salty taste to mine and that just isn't there after repeated washing. I thought that I have heard that at least 2 washings are done on the precipitate 

Don: Once the reactions are done and the initial precipitate has settled, the only reason to wash the precipitate is to remove any excess salt and hydroxyls that are left from the NaOH solution. If you are concerned about the NaOH you can wash the precipitate three times and then add some grains of sea salt as described in the book. Or you can read the answer to the next question below. 

Q: I have Another question about washing: I have heard that sometimes no washing is done if sending the precipitate (the Ormus manna) collected during the "Wet process" overseas. 

Don: If I am going to ship the manna, I will separate the precipitate as described in the book and wash it one time by adding three times as much distilled water as precipitate by volume. That is, if I have 100 ml. of precipitate I will add 300 ml. of water, stir well to mix, let it settle and then I separate the manna again and add more water to reduce its thickness for easier swallowing. The salt left in it seems to really add stability but there is not so much of it that it tastes unpleasant. Many ICP assays have shown that there are no toxins present in the finished products. 

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