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There are many unusual properties of water that aren't explainable by the known properties of hydrogen and oxygen or by any concept of how a compound of those two elements should behave.

There are perhaps thirty-two anomalous properties of water that are unexpected. We believe that those properties are due to the presence of ORMUS in most water molecules.

Generally, it is believed that the water molecule is dodecahedral or icosohedral. In other words, the molecule is the shape of a geodesic dome, and this shape allows for a lot of space inside the molecule.

Some of us believe that the ORMUS elements hide out in that inner space, inside the dome. From that space, the ORMUS can change the configuration of the water molecule so that it tightens or expands. This is the way we think that these elements may modify the structure of water.

It's very clear that there's something else other than H2O — two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen — in ordinary water. One person that I've worked with said that triple distilled water, weighs eight pounds per gallon, but water that's made by burning hydrogen in oxygen weighs seven pounds per gallon. The difference between seven versus eight pounds per gallon indicates that there's a pound of something else in the water.   

Well, that changing pattern, we think that the Ormus might be hanging out inside every water molecule or many water molecules and that when we change the frequency of the vibration of that Ormus element, it then puts a different frequency out around it and that changes the shape of the water molecule and different shaped water molecules work in different ways in the body.

Water is the foundation of life and the regulator of homeostasis. 75 % of our bodies are composed of water. The brain is 85% water. 66% of that water is inside of the cells and 33% outside. If we don't drink enough water our thickened, concentrated blood will draw water out of the cells. 

Ocean Water   

For countless centuries the vital elements have been eroded into the sea. What state are they in while mixed with our vast oceans? Analysis of seawater shows a constant proportional balance of all the water-soluble elements. Three and one-half percent, by weight, of seawater is composed of sea salts, or sea solids. Chemical analysis shows that all the elements in the Atomic Table are present, with the possible exception of some of the gases. 

Fresh Water

There is a process to extract the monoatomics from fresh ground water, for example, by creating a vortex with magnets to separate the monoatomics from the water and siphon them off. Such a process results in a concentrated, oily sweet liquid that is equivalent to drinking ~400 glasses of water at once

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